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Should You Kill or Spare Dumbrosky in Starfield Breaking the Bank Quest? Answered

To kill or not to kill?

During your adventures in Starfield, you will be faced with some big decisions. Many of these will affect the outcome of a quest or, at the very least, future dialogue options. As you work undercover for the UC, there’s one especially important decision you’ll have to make during the Breaking the Bank quest, and it determines how the rest of the quest turns out. The big question it asks of you is this: Should you spare Larry Dumbrosky’s life, or take him out where he stands?

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Should You You Kill Larry Dumbrosky?

Larry Dumbrosky starfield quest
Image Source: Twinfinite via Bethesda

Despite the game literally giving you the option to “Kill Larry Dumbrosky”, it is the worst possible choice you could make. You may be alone in Dumbrosky’s room, but the ship is equipped with aggression sensors. One wrong move and the whole ship will be on your ass.

You could do it if you are desperate for the XP and loot, but it’s just not worth it in terms of the challenges it brings you. Doing so results in a bounty on your head, and leaves you on a hostile ship to try to escape from. You also anger the UC SysDef and whichever companion you have brought along for the ride.

Should You Spare Larry Dumbrosky?

Sparing Larry Dumbrosky is a far better option. He is pretty easily swayed as you chat with him in his room anyway. Even if you don’t have much of a charming and persuasive personality, he doesn’t seem too unwilling to give up his Credentials.

We totally understand the attraction of just taking Dumbrosky out as he is annoyingly verbose, but there really is no need to do so. Negotiate with Dumbrosky so he hands over the Credentials, and leave the ship with no drama or bloodshed. Achieve that, and you will escape with the ES Award without wasting ammo or meds trying to stay alive in a massive brawl!

Additionally, the UC SysDef is happy with your work and your companion won’t hate you for putting them in harm’s way.

Now that you know whether you should kill or spare Dumbrosky in Starfield, you’re free to take on the game’s other challenges and choices. For more help in getting through these tough decisions, you can find more Starfield guides below.

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