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Should You Give Naeva the ES Award in Starfield Breaking the Bank Quest? Answered

Finders keepers?

The Breaking the Bank quest in Starfield is an exciting adventure of espionage and thievery. As you progress you make some choices in action and dialogue which will have consequences later on. In particular, the best outcome when speaking with Naeva at the end depends on what you did throughout the quest. So with that being said, let’s find out if you should give Naeva the ES Award at the end of the Breaking the Bank quest.

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Should You Steal or Keep the ES Award in Starfield? Outcomes Explained

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Image Source: Twinfinite via Bethesda

The main part of this quest is to steal the ES Award, and you will want to be pretty stealthy and diplomatic in order to get the best outcomes possible. That way, you will get the ES Award and make both the Crimson Fleet and the UC happy. You might want to consume Persuasion meds before speaking with Sheila Holbrooke and the Chief Purser, as it is absolutely crucial that you don’t cause any drama.

Once you are back at The Key with the ES Award in your possession, Naeva will ask you if you got it and you can choose to either steal it or hand it over. If you choose to keep the ES Award, you can sell it for up to 9,000 credits. However, doing so means you will lose out on XP for ‘failing’ the mission.

Deciding to hand the award over gets you 6,000 credits, plus a Quest Credit Reward which depends on your player level and some well-earned XP. It’s less credits for the award itself, but you end up getting some valuable progress toward your next level up.

How to Avoid Splitting the Reward With Rokov

However, this can all be affected by whether or not you said the wrong things to Captain Evgeny Rokov during the quest. Letting him know too much of what you’re planning can lead to him demanding a cut of your profits from finding or selling the Award, impacting how much you get out of your efforts.

Luckily, it’s not too hard to avoid this outcome. When you begin this quest and board the Siren of the Stars cruise liner, you’ll speak with Captain Rokov. He is very interested in your mission, but don’t give too much away and keep your cards close to your chest. You can be friendly as he is helpful, but don’t offer any extra info and choose the dialogue options that come off as aloof and unspecific.

And that’s everything we have to share regarding whether or not you should steal the ES Award in Starfield. Personally, I feel it is best to hand over the award, especially if you didn’t promise to split the profits with Rakov. Of course, I wouldn’t blame you if you chose to steal the award if you have the Commerce perk. If you need some more help with Starfield quests, check out our other guides down below!

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