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Ranking Starfield’s Romance Companions from Worst to Best

Some day my (space) prince will come...

Romance in Starfield isn’t mandatory, but it does add a little depth and intimacy to the space adventure. The game gives you only four romantic options to choose from which may feel restrictive to some, but it does keep things simple. As you progress with each relationship, you can even keep an eye on what level you have reached so you know how far you have to go before you reach the Commitment stage.

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The four options for romance are decent ones too, with each character offering something a bit different. They all have their own backstories, perks, and personalities to get to know as you interact with them, and reward anyone who takes the time to see what lies beneath the surface. With that said though, we think that some are better than others when deciding who you want by your side as you explore the galaxy, and we’ve ranked every Starfield Romance option from worst to best.

4. Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan Starfield Romance ranked
Image Source: Twinfinite via Bethesda

Sarah Morgan is the first companion you meet who could be a potential love match. She is a practical woman who is clearly proud of the work she does, and has a surprisingly philosophical side to her. She boasts fantastic knowledge and leadership skills and makes a fine companion, and as leader of Constellation she seems as though she would be the frontrunner for a romantic match.

But honestly, Sarah just doesn’t have that spark. There is no real chemistry in the initial friendship you form with her, and to be honest, Sarah comes across a bit like a school-teacher or parent. If that’s your thing then go for it, but for me it felt a bit like having your mom following you around.

Pursuing Sarah romantically isn’t completely unfulfilling as the ceremony itself is intimate and sweet, and you will get to see a more affectionate side of her. It just isn’t enough for those of us who want more thrills during the early stages of the romance.

3. Sam Coe

Sam Coe Starfield Romance Ranked
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Sure, Sam Coe is hot and his voice could read me bedtime stories any day, but is that enough?

The relationship between him and his daughter Cora is sweet and certainly could sway my decision, but Sam’s need to be such a goody-two-shoes can be exhausting. His insistence on being your moral compass, always pointing to Lawful Good, is tiresome when all you want to do is be a space pirate or skirt some rules to reach a better outcome. Sometimes in Starfield there are difficult decisions that are ultimately morally gray, and Sam does not seem to understand that.

Thankfully, there is more chemistry with him than there was with Sarah. He is a sweet and honest man who can offer tenderness and what seems like an actual romance, complete with some passion and tenderness. Plus, it feels great to help Sam mend the fragile family ties that have been troubling him through the game. If you aren’t looking to bend any rules as you go, he is a fine choice, but he certainly isn’t our top pick.

2. Barrett

Barrett Starfield Romance Ranked
Image Source: Twinfinite via Bethesda

Barrett makes the number two spot for his likability and humor. It doesn’t hurt that he is also a handsome man, but mostly he is attractive because of his charming personality.

He starts out as a witty sidekick type, but you soon peel away the layers of this funny onion to reveal a real complexity to him. As you get to know him, Barrett starts to open up about past trauma which feels authentic and helps you feel a tenderness toward him. This added darkness doesn’t overshadow his core personality which is a chilled out, funny guy who enjoys a great adventure.

Past that, he is generally a lot of fun to have around even if you don’t choose him for romance and commitment. As long as you don’t probe too much into the story of his dead husband, you can ask him to be your partner. The ceremony itself won’t be the most exciting, but it is a good trade off to have Barrett by your side forever.

1. Andreja

Andreja Starfield Roance Ranked
Image Source: Twinfinite via Bethesda

Personally, I knew it was love when Andreja crouched beside me during a fight, and I saw she had a camouflage mod on her Pack like me.

Andreja is a badass, pure and simple. She can hold her own in a battle and supports you in all your shady dealings. She also doesn’t judge you or look down on any morally ambiguous choices you will inevitably have to make as you explore, making her an ideal companion for indulging in whatever choices you wish. Getting her to open up can feel like a bit of a challenge to begin with as she is not the most affectionate or transparent person, but this is part of her appeal.

Her storyline and the growth she shows over time is what makes the relationship ultimately the most satisfying though. She shows passion, loyalty, and unending support for you while also respecting your boundaries.

The only real catch is that Andreja will need time to think about committing, so don’t be surprised if she doesn’t fall at your feet instantly. Eventually she will see that you make the perfect pair, and the ceremony which ties you both romantically is, without giving too much away, fun and exactly what you should expect from the intergalactic ass-kicker.

Of course the final decision is entirely yours, and you must make the best choice according to your own need and playstyle. Plus, nothing is stopping you from choosing the character you just think is the hottest. Whoever you choose, we hope you have a wonderful time together on the rest of your adventures in Starfield!

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