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Should You Betray Huan in The Best There Is in Starfield? Answered

Are they an ally, or a distraction?

‘The Best There Is’ is a Crimson Fleet mission in Starfield, so be prepared for some treachery! You will be tasked with finding the comspike with a smart and savvy smuggler named Huan Diayu. Huan works seamlessly with both the Crimson Fleet and the UC, and has developed trust with both factions. During this mission, Huan has to leave you to finish the mission alone, but it is up to you how you react to this apparent betrayal. In this guide, we’ll help you decide if you should betray Huan in ‘The Best There Is’.

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Huan starfield mission
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During this Crimson Fleet mission you will be faced with the prospect of betraying Huan Diayu. After she effectively abandons you aboard the SY-920 space station, you may feel this is an easy choice, but it is worth contemplating carefully. Your decision should come down to whether you want to eventually side with the UC or with the Crimson Fleet.

The decision to betray Huan comes at two points in this mission:

  • When speaking with Dr. Vogel aboard the SY-920 space station.
  • When speaking with Commander Ikande aboard the UC Vigilance.

If you don’t betray her to Dr. Vogel, you could always mention her to Ikande, but this all depends on where your loyalties lie. We have laid out both choices below to help you figure out if you should betray Huan:

What Happens if You Betray Huan?

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Betraying Huan is the best option if you are loyal to the UC SysDef. During ‘The Best There Is’, you’ll speak with Dr. Vogel in his lab and he’ll tell you that the comspike you are searching for is actually a ship module. At this point, you can decide to betray Huan and use her as a distraction so you can escape with the prototype ship.

This choice means you will be confronted by Huan back at The Key. She will be angry, explaining that your actions have lost the Crimson Fleet a decent smuggling route. This betrayal also means Huan won’t be willing to help the Crimson Fleet during the final showdown mission ‘Legacy’s End’. Of course, this is a good thing if you are siding with the UC SysDef, but not so much if you want to join the Crimson Fleet.

What Happens if You Protect Huan?

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Protecting Huan is the best option if you are loyal to the Crimson Fleet, but this is a slightly more difficult choice because it involves using your Persuasion skill. While speaking with Dr. Vogel, you will be given a choice to convince him that you are actually a test pilot for his new ship. If you need to boost your Persuasion level, you can chug the appropriate meds before continuing this part of the mission.

Once he is convinced that you are here to help, Vogel will give you the password and keycard you need. He also suggests you grab a pilot uniform from a nearby locker. Follow the waypoint to the new ship, and you can escape with minimal headaches. Just be ready to quickly grav-jump to the Kryx system, as you will be attacked as soon as you leave.

Afterward, you can speak with Huan at The Key. She will be at The Last Nova bar, waiting to buy you a drink and toast to a successful mission. Since you didn’t decide to betray her, Huan will be fighting alongside you when the final Crimson Fleet mission comes.

So your choice to betray Huan is entirely down to where your loyalties lie. You can also mention Huan to Commander Ikande of the UC SysDef but this won’t affect your standing within the Crimson Fleet.

That’s everything we have to share when it comes to whether or not you should betray Huan in The Best There Is. If you found this guide helpful, we have more tips for making the best decisions in Starfield listed below!

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