How to Use Transfer Containers in Starfield
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How to Use Transfer Containers in Starfield

You mean I never have to leave my ship ever again?

Loading resources and materials in Starfield is infinitely easier when you’ve got a transfer container built. Otherwise you have to leave your ship and retrieve them yourself. That kind of work is for the birds. If you have an outpost built for the sake of collecting resources, learning how to use transfer containers in Starfield makes the operation so much smoother.

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How to Use Transfer Containers at Outposts in Starfield

First things first, you’re going to need specific materials to actually build a Transfer Container at your outpost in Starfield. We’re also going to assume you already have an extractor, too. If not, you’ll need those materials before moving on:

  1. Gather x5 Tungsten, x8 Iron, and x4 Lubricant.

    These resources can all be bought from Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis. You can come across Lubricant looting abandoned outposts. Mine Tungsten on Titan; Iron from asteroids. The Transfer Container is listed under the ‘Storage’ tab in the outpost build menu.building a transfer container at an outpost in starfield

  2. Create an output link.

    You want the output link to go from your extractor to your Transfer Container. If you have a storage container, the output link should go from extractor, to storage, to Transfer Container.

  3. Build a landing pad.

    Depending on how close your outpost is to your ship, you may need a landing pad. If your ship is within its boundaries, then no need; if not, you’ll need one as your ship needs to be close enough to access the resources.

  4. Transfer the resources to your ship.

    Okay, so you’ve landed at your outpost, now what? Open your inventory and access your ship’s cargo. In the bottom-right corner, you’ll see a button prompt to switch over to your outpost’s “inventory” and take any and all resources that get sent to the Transfer Container.accessing outpost storage with transfer container in starfield

Now that you know how to use Transfer Containers in Starfield, you can move materials far more efficiency than before. You can do it from the safety of your ship! Now, if only you knew the best place to sell items. You can also trade your goods to other ships in space.

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