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Andreja Starfield Roance Ranked
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In the cold depths of space, it is good to have someone by your side to keep you warm, and it’s even better if that somebody is an absolute badass. One of the four available romantic options in Starfield is Andreja, a tough and mysterious member of Constellation. She makes an excellent companion, but if you want something more, here is how to marry Andreja in Starfield.

Andreja starfield
Image Source: Twinfinite via Bethesda

When Andreja first arrives at Constellation she is pretty mysterious and cold, but she soon warms up to you if you recruit her as a companion and get to know each other better. Just like Sarah Morgan and the others, Andreja has her specific likes and dislikes, and if you stray too far from what she approves of you will lose her interest.

Encouraging a romance with Andreja is simple. Take her on expeditions, missions, and activities and she will warm to you more and more. You will know her interest is increasing when she asks to speak to you, and offers you gifts. Ask her questions about her background and interests, and eventually you will see the dialogue option to Flirt.

Andreja’s Likes and Dislikes

Once you get to know her, you will find Andreja is a headstrong, feisty, and fun person to have around. Here are some of the things to choose when adventuring with her:

  • She likes a spirited conversation, so make sure to pick the self-assured or enthusiastic dialogue options.
  • Andreja is not a judgemental person and would prefer you to not judge someone on their background.
  • Take whatever you want from hostiles. For Andreja, it’s not really theft when you’re taking from enemies.
  • Punishing criminals and enemies is important to her, so choose to fine or jail people when appropriate.
  • She is also very fair-minded, so if a person hasn’t done anything wrong she is happy to offer help or support.
  • Remember that she is a member of the House of Va’ruun, so if the moment arises where you can choose an option to support them, prioritize it.

Andreja has a fierce moral streak, so watch out for these situations she will dislike:

  • Accepting or offering bribes.
  • Hating on religious people, especially House of Va’ruun.
  • Attacking the Starborn (unless they attack first).

Andreja’s Companion Quest: Divided Loyalties

andreja commitment starfield
Image Source: Twinfinite via Bethesda

Romance will begin to blossom when you complete the quest Divided Loyalties with Andreja. If this quest hasn’t popped up yet, don’t worry, as you have to complete three Speak to Andreja activities first. the more you travel with her, the higher your affinity will become, and you will quickly get these activities ticked off.

As soon as the Divided Loyalties quest begins, you can work your way through each mission section. when faced with dialogue options and choices, remember to keep in line with Andreja’s likes and dislikes we showed you before. Be supportive and fair, and interested in learning about Andreja’s past.

After completing the quest, head back to the Lodge on Jemison and speak to Andreja. Begin by Flirting, and then move onto supportive and friendly options. If you are offered Romance dialogue, be sure to choose it, and it will cause Andreja to want to open her heart to you. Be romantic and optimistic to reassure her. Eventually, you will trigger an option to offer Commitment.

Andreja will ask you to wait for a little while, and then you can marry her.

It takes a bit of patience at the end, but it will be worth it. Soon you will have your dream partner travelling through Starfield with you. If you can’t decide if Andreja is definitely the one, check out our list of all the romance companions, ranked to help you decide which one is most worth your time.

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