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How to Get & Make Grandpa’s Meatloaf Recipe in Starfield

Just like grandpa used to make.

The Grandpa’s Meatloaf recipe is an excellent choice for a meal due to its restorative and enhancing features. If you consume the dish, you’ll gain 25 Health, +125 Damage Resistance for 10m, and +2% XP Gain for 120m, allowing you to stay longer in the fight. In this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock the recipe and what ingredients you need for it.

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Grandpa’s Meatloaf Recipe in Starfield

Grandpa’s Meatloaf recipe can only be unlocked with the Kid Stuff trait, and you can talk to your parents to receive more information about it. Those unsure where to find their house can check out our How to Visit Parents guide. You’ll need to speak to your dad to trigger the recipe dialogue, and it may take a couple of tries. If your parents aren’t there, you may need to go to the Lodge to talk to them there, and they should return to their home afterward.

To make Grandpa’s Meatloaf, you can acquire the following ingredients:

  • Dairy
  • Onion
  • Red Meat
  • Egg
  • Tomato

Unfortunately, the ingredients don’t have an exact location, but you can look around kitchen areas or possibly Waggoner Farm at Montara Luna (Cheyenne system.) Players can also ask vendors to see if they have any of these items for sale.

Ingredients to Grandpa's Meatloaf in Starfield
Image Source: Bethesda Game Studios via Twinfinite

Once you collect the ingredients, go to a cooking station (you can find one on your ship or other locations) and select ‘Grandpa’s Meatloaf.’ Players may need the Gastronomy skill to access it, permitting you to craft specialty food and drinks. You can learn about other recipes by conducting more research or completing various missions.

Now that you’ve gotten your grub on with your Grandpa’s Meatloaf, you can make more room for your inventory by checking out our How to Sell Items guide. Be sure to also explore the relevant links below to view more Starfield content.

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