How to Get Automated Ship Turrets in Starfield
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How to Get Automated Ship Turrets in Starfield

Any pilot worth their salt needs an automated ship turret or two.

Whether you want to or not, you’re going to see your fair share of space combat in Starfield, and you can’t go wrong with a few automated ship turrets to help out in a fight. You don’t even need to press a button—automatic ship turrets fire… well, automatically. If that sounds great to you, then let us show you how to get automated ship turrets in Starfield.

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Where to Get Automated Ship Turrets in Starfield

Okay, first things first: we need to clear the air on wording. If you spent any time in the ship builder, you’ll notice Starfield has “auto” ship weapons. These are not automated ship turrets. Automatic ship weapons will not fire on their own.

where to find find automated ship turrets in starfield
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What you’re looking for are ship weapons that have “turret” in their name. For example, the Scorch-S 80MW Pulse Laser Turret is in fact an automated ship turret, but the PB0-40 Auto Electron Beam is not. It’s confusing, we know, but that’s the rub!

To get your very own automated ship turrets in Starfield, you can speak with any Ship Services Technician in the game. My personal favorite is the vendor at the Red Mile.

skills needed to use automated ship turrets in starfield
Image Source: Bethesda via Twinfinite

It’s also worth pointing out you’ll need a combination of the following skills to unlock and use automated ship turrets:

  • Automated Weapon Systems
  • Starship Design
  • Piloting

The Automated Weapon Systems is by far the most important. Without it, you won’t even be able to utilize turrets until you do. The above skills are all located in the Tech tree.

How to Use Automated Ship Turrets in Starfield

Now that you’ve picked out some automated turrets in Starfield, you might be wondering: how do they work? Well, first off, you need to make sure they’re operational:

  1. Speak with a ship services technician and access the ship builder.

  2. Open the Flight Check menu and switch to the Weapons tab.

    how to assign automated turrets to your ship in starfield

  3. Pick a weapons slot and select your automated ship turrets.

    Keep in mind you can only have three types of weapons at any given time. Take note of which weapon group it’s assigned to—W0, W1, or W2.

  4. Allocate power to your turrets.

    When you’re in control of your ship, your automated ship turrets need at least one bar of power to be operational. They’ll fire automatically, so long as you’re in to use automated ship turrets in starfield

There you have it: That’s all you need to know regarding how to get and use automated ship turrets in Starfield. The biggest hurdle you’ll face is actually unlocking them in the first place. It’s also important to ensure you have Class B and Class C clearance since each turret requires different ranks.

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