Mysterious Captain Location in Starfield
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How to Find the Mysterious Captain in Starfield

There's a mystery afoot.

The Settled Systems are packed with random encounters that can bring you a step closer to valuable loot or death. One in particular is your first meeting with the Mysterious Captain, a peculiar individual who carries some of the best inventory in Starfield. So, if you want to find this unique character, we’ll help you narrow down their location to unlock their legendary collection.

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Starfield Mysterious Captain Location

The Mysterious Captain can appear during NewGame+ mode after you’ve traveled to another system. It is possible to trigger their appearance in the first playthrough, as I and other players have run into them randomly. However, if you meet them during this time, they won’t have their shop available to you, and you will have to wait until you start your new game.

Although the Mysterious Captain travels in random areas, you can try to fly to these systems to get them to spawn:

  • Celebrai System
  • Ixyll System
  • Eridani II – Eridani System
  • Valo System
  • Bradbury System
  • Feynman 1 – Feynman System

Keep in mind that these locations aren’t set in stone, and it’s best to travel from system to system to trigger their appearance. Based on my experience, I had been traveling to destinations until I stumbled upon their ship at the Ixyll planet above Kryx.

Ixyll System in Starfield
Image Source: Bethesda Game Studios via Twinfinite

You’ll also receive a transmission from the captain, and you can accept it to start a conversation.

Accepting the Transmission from Mysterious Captain in Starfield
Image Source: Bethesda Game Studios via Twinfinite

I highly recommend not shooting the Mysterious Captain’s ship since they are seemingly unbeatable and will regenerate frequently. This occurrence could be due to their late-game appearance, meaning they are safely protected with plot armor.

On the other hand, some players have mentioned that the ship attacks them automatically, which may be tied to a game bug that can force you to reload a past save. Those who encounter this issue can try to escape to another location in order to stop the captain in their tracks.

In NewGame+, players will notice that the Mysterious Captain will change their name to “The Trader,” indicating that their shop is open for business. Their inventory will change each time, so it’s crucial to purchase any exclusive gear while you can or else you could lose out on those items.

Hopefully, this guide has helped in your mission to discover the Mysterious Captain’s location, and you can now learn about other unique events like the Colander quest. Be sure to also explore the relevant links below to enjoy even more Starfield content.

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