How to Complete Loose Ends Quest in Starfield
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How to Complete Loose Ends Quest in Starfield

Become a drug smuggler.

When you first visit the city of Neon in Starfield, you’ll encounter a man being detained for smuggling an addictive drug called Aurora. Although you may want to stay away from illegal activities, helping Neshar Omani during the Loose Ends side mission can lead you to an interesting chain quest.

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Starfield Loose Ends Quest Guide

Your first objective is to speak with Neshar at Neon Security HQ. Luckily, you don’t need to break in and simply need to interact with the locked door to talk with the man. He will ask you to deliver his package, which he has stored inside a Sleepcrate.

Afterward, you must go to the Ebbsite and speak with the Sleepcrate Manager, Izna. She’ll ask you for the passcode to access Neshar’s room, and the answer is “Alpha-3 Kilo-4“. The package will be hidden inside a yellow-colored container on the ground, and you can now deliver it to Yannick in Legrandes Liquors.

At this point, you can end the mission prematurely and accept 2,500 Credits as a reward. However, I recommend accepting his job offer to deal with his past business associate, Felix Sadler. You must head back to the Ebbside and enter a warehouse filled with Syndicate members.

Felix Sadler in Starfield.
Image Credit: Bethesda Game Studios via Twinfinite

Once you defeat all enemies, you can find Felix hiding on the second floor. Yannick does not particularly care about how you deal with the man, so you can either kill or threaten him to leave the city. If you have Sarah with you, I suggest letting him go since she does not like you killing people needlessly.

You can report back to Yannick, who’ll reward you with 4,300 Credits. The man will also ask you to continue working with him and apply for a job at Xenofresh. This will trigger the Fishy Business side mission, where you will eventually learn how to make Aurora.

Besides completing the Loose Ends side quest, you can also go to various stores in the dangerous city of Neon in Starfield. I recommend visiting Madame Sauvage’s Place if you’re interested in joining the Strikers group.

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