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How to Complete Access Is Key Mission in Starfield

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When you joined Ryujin Industries as an entry-level corporate nobody, we bet you didn’t expect a life of stealthy espionage! Suddenly you have gone from getting coffee to sneaking around gathering intel. In the fourth mission for Ryujin Industries, Access Is Key, you are tasked with somehow getting a Security Key Card from one of the Security Chiefs. Let’s explore a couple of ways you could complete this mission.

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The Stealthy Method of Completing Access Is Key

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Image Source: Twinfinite via Bethesda Game Studios

This is the preferred method of completing this mission as far as Ryujin Industries is concerned. Imogene Salzo suggests that you should go undercover by wearing a suit or by dressing as a guard. If you do not already have a suit or guard uniform, you can purchase one at the Ryujin Industries Product Store. The suits give an extra 5% Persuasion Chance, which can be very helpful.

Equipped with your Persuasion-boosting suit, make your way to Paradiso and find a Security Guard Chief. We found one standing outside waiting. If you think you need the boost then take Persuasion meds for the extra charm before speaking to him.

Convince the guard to give you his Key Card using polite and diplomatic dialogue options. If you don’t manage to persuade the guard to hand it over, you can pickpocket him instead. Return to Imogene at Neon. As you didn’t cause a fuss or kill anyone she will award you 2500 Credits and 100 XP.

The Aggressive Method of Completing Access Is Key

As usual there is always the option to jump into the mission with guns-a-blazing. This method is entirely up to you. You can use a gun or a more stealthy melee weapon to take down a Security Guard Chief and take the Security Key Card from their body.

This is not a recommended way to complete the mission as you may end up in a bigger gun fight and with a bounty on your head. When you return to Imogene at Ryujin Industries, she will dock you 250 Credits for using violence.

When the mission is finished you can speak to Imogene again and start the Sowing Discord quest. Now that you’re another rung up the corporate ladder by completing the Access is Key mission, read here how to lobby the board of executives!

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