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How to Rename Your Ships in Starfield

It's time for a change.

Once you begin your journey with the Constellation, you’ll receive a ship with the pre-made label of “Frontier.” But since Starfield is all about creating a unique experience for each player, you’ll most likely want to rename your ship to fit your distinct persona. Fortunately, this change can be easily done, and we’re here to show you the steps you need to take to accomplish it.

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Rename a Ship in Starfield, Explained

To change your ship’s name, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Ask to modify your vessel via the Ship Services Technician.
  2. Select Ship Builder.
  3. Choose Flight Check.
  4. Press Rename Ship and enter your new name.

Ship Services Technicians can be found all across the galaxy, and you can encounter one of your first ones in the New Atlantis destination on Jemison (Alpha Centauri system). From there, players can select ‘I’d like to view and modify my ships’ to access the Ship Builder.

Starfield Ship Builder
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Although there are a ton of customization options in the Ship Builder, the ‘Rename Ship’ can only be found on the Flight Check, which ensures that all systems are nominal (if you are missing any crucial parts). In the screenshot below, you should be able to see the renaming option.

Ship Builder in Starfield
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There aren’t necessarily any restrictions on what your ship can be named, but there is a limit of 64 characters. Players can change the title anytime if they decide to change their minds.

Starfield Ship Rename
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After you confirm the name, you can select to exit out of the builder and confirm the modification. Any other enhancements you want to make can also be done here, including the color, ship parts, and upgrades. Additionally, the Ship Services Technician can repair your transportation device for 1,000 credits or provide you with a whole new ship entirely from the shop collection.

Now that you know how to rename your ship, you can learn more about your vessel with our All Ship Controls and How to Fly Faster guide. Be sure to also explore the relevant links below to view additional Starfield content.

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