What Baldur’s Gate Class Am I? Take This BG3 Character Quiz

Are you more suited to sorcery, slashing, or stabbing? Take this quiz to find out!

Baldur's Gate 3 Investigate the Selunite Resistance Guide
Image Source: Larian Studios via Twinfinite

Baldur’s Gate 3 takes you on a brilliant adventure, where you’ll explore mysterious lands, battle against fearsome enemies, build a strong bond with your companions, and uncover the secret of a strange Tadpole.

Before jumping into the world of Faerun and taking on the threat of the Mind Flayers, you’ll need to make a selection from a variety of different BG3 classes to create your perfect character. From frontline Fighters and sniping Rangers to stealthy Rogues and spellcasting Wizards, there’s an option that’s bound to suit everyone, no matter your playstyle and preference.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, building a balanced party with characters who can fill all these varying roles is key. However, with such a large selection of options, coming to a decision on which of the game’s best classes is right for your role as the main character can be a difficult task. Don’t worry, though: we’re here to help you out.

Perhaps you’re looking to create a character that somewhat mimics your own values and fantasy world headcannon, or maybe you’re just stuck trying to decide which of the 12 playable classes is your favorite — and therefore, the most fun to try out. No matter the reason, we’ve created a handy Baldur’s Gate 3 class quiz to help you decide. What are you waiting for? Grab your Weapons, dust off your Armor, and jump into the quiz below!

(Image sources: Larian Studios via Twinfinite)

What Baldur's Gate Class Am I? Take This BG3 Character Quiz

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