A Progressively Harder Joey Trivia Quiz for True Friends Fans

How you doin’?

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Friends ran for 10 seasons and became such a phenomenon that each actor earned $1 million an episode, and NBC thought it was cheap since it got them all the attention in the world. Every one of its six actors became famous and got new opportunities they never thought possible. Funnily enough, the show is still famous in the streaming world, and people who were not born when the series started are still enjoying the adventures of Ross, Rachel, Joey, Phoebe, Chandler, and Monica.

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Today is all about Joey Tribbiani. He might not have been the smartest character, but he was good-natured, loyal, caring, and protective of his friends. He also loved food and women, and they loved him back. Joey had chemistry with every other character, he shared a roof with Chandler, and Rachel, lived across the hall from Monica and had a unique bond with both Ross and, especially, Phoebe (initially she asked him to give her away in marriage, then shenanigans ensued and he ended up marrying them).

Joey Tribbiani is a lovable goof, that anyone should want in their corner. That’s why today, we want you to join us for a Twinfinite trivia quiz about the only man who could use a line like “How you doin’?” and make it as sexy, as inviting. Let’s see how much you know about Joey. Good luck!

A Progressively Harder Joey Trivia Quiz for True Friends Fans

Where did Joey move to in his spinoff TV series?
What is Joey’s middle name?
What was Joey’s imaginary friend’s name when he was little?
Which of these jobs did Joey NOT have?
What is the Joey special?
What was the character Joey played in the fictional version of Days of our Lives?
How many sisters does Joey have?
What is Joey’s favorite book?
How many flings did Joey have during the show?
How much money does Joey owe Chandler?

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Image Source: Warner Bros.

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