Only True Terminator 2 Fans Can Ace This Trivia Quiz

Say... that's a nice terminator 2 quiz.

Terminator 2 quiz

Say… that’s a nice Terminator 2 trivia quiz.

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Yes, welcome to a fresh new round of general knowledge shenanigans involving yet another hugely popular and iconic movie license. Nope, we’re not talking about our recent Alien, Aliens or Silent Hill trivia quizzes. In fact, instead of chest-bursting Xenomorphs and haunted lakeside towns bursting at the seams with psychological horror, we’ve decided to focus our attention on a completely different type of unstoppable foe.

That’s right, you guessed it: we’re talking about the relentless, cold-blooded cyborg threat famously known as the Terminator. More specifically, we’ll be centering our crosshairs on 1991’s critically acclaimed and commercially successful follow-up, Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Indeed, not only is James Cameron’s beloved sci-fi action sequel a straight-up classic, but it also swept up a ton of awards at a time when sci-fi was often underrepresented come awards season.

Add in a super iconic turn from the Austrian Oak himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, as well as an impressive ensemble of terrific performances from Linda Hamilton, Edward Furlong, and Robert Patrick, and you have one of the most influential and resonant action flicks in recent memory. No small feat, indeed.

So, without further ado, strap yourselves in, don those uber-cool sunglasses and grab your grenade launchers for Twinfinite’s latest Terminator 2 trivia quiz. Come with us if you want to quiz.

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Image Source: TriStar Pictures via The Verge, Screen Rant, The Guardian, Curbed, and Cinema Blend

Only True Terminator 2 Fans Can Ace This Trivia Quiz

What’s the name of the supercomputer that creates and controls the Terminators?
What's the name of the bar at the beginning of the movie?
Complete this famous line by Arnold Schwarzenegger: "I need..."
What song plays as Arnold Schwarzenegger mounts his motorcycle for the first time?
How did Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator smuggle his shotgun into the shopping mall?
What type of Terminator does Arnold Schwarzenegger play in the movie?
Robert Patrick tried to imitate an animal’s head movements to help him get into the role of the liquid metal Terminator. What animal did he try to mimic?
When Arnie did the iconic twirling reload while on his bike, he accidentally threw the shotgun at the camera and smashed it beyond repair. True or False?
While escaping from the mental institute, Sarah Connor breaks Dr Silberman's arm. She then says: "There are [???] bones in the human body. That's one. Now, move!" How many bones does Sarah Connor say are in the human body?
What is the name of John Connor's friend in the movie?
What city does John Connor and his foster parents live in?
What’s the name of John Connor’s pet dog?
Complete this famous line by Arnold Schwarzenegger: “My CPU is a…”
In the movie, which two Terminator parts are Cyberdyne Systems in possession of?
How does Miles Dyson die?
In the movie, we find out how many human lives were lost on Judgment Day. How many died on Judgment Day?
An actor suffered permanent hearing loss while filming the elevator shootout scene. Which actor was it?
At the end of the movie, what permanently destroys Robert Patrick's liquid Terminator?
How many Oscars Did Terminator 2 Win?
Complete Sarah Connor's final line from the film: "The unknown future rolls toward us. I face it, for the first time, with a sense of hope. Because if a machine, a Terminator, can learn the value of human life, maybe..."
With the movie's domestic box-office adjusted for inflation, Terminator 2 is the top grossing R-rated action film of all time.

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