Only True Rick & Morty Fans Can Name These 15 Characters

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Rick & Morty has been one of the most beloved animated shows for years now, providing ample meme material, iconic quotes, and heartfelt moments in its current five-season duration. From Pickle Rick, the Szechuan sauce moment, and even cameos from famous celebrities like rapper Logic, the show knows no bounds when it comes to satire and finding new and wild ways to keep fans hooked and laughing out loud.

While the show is largely centered around the show’s namesakes getting up to all kinds of interstellar mischief, the characters they meet along the way are just as iconic and memorable. But how well do you know your Pickle Rick’s from your Plumber Rick? Your Earring Rick to your Eye Patch Rick? Well, in this quiz, we’ll be putting your knowledge of Rick & Morty characters to the test.

Below, you’ll find our quiz, which will give you an image and a list of four names to choose from for each. Match up the name to each character and we’ll give you your final score at the end. Now, it’s time to get Schwifty… or get Squanchin’… we’re not entirely sure which. Just start the quiz already!

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Only True Rick & Morty Fans Can Name These 15 Characters

Let's start off easy. Name this iconic side character
How about this guy?
Who's this sprawled in the back of the car?
How about this side character playing the piano?
What's the name of this character who was Beth and Tom's coworker at St. Equis Hospital?
Who's riding Jerry in the kitchen?
Who's Morty shaking angrily here?
This guy runs the vintage antique shop called Needful Things. Who is he?
Who's Morty looking horrified at here?
Who's Rick looking unusually happy near to here?
What's the real name of this recurring side character?
Who did Morty royally screw over here?
What's the name of the news anchor on the left?
Who's looking a little concerned here?
Name that Rick!

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