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The Hardest Futurama Quiz You’ll Ever Take

futurama quiz

The Hardest Futurama Quiz You’ll Ever Take

Futurama may have ended, but it’s claimed a small space in every fan’s heart. From the most hilarious and goofy episodes, through to the likes of Jurassic Bark where you’re really having to hold back the tears, the show shines as some of the best sci-fi animated TV you can watch.

As we binge through the entire show for the umpteenth time, we decided to put together one tricky little trivia quiz to put your knowledge to the test. Will you be sent to Robot Hell for your poor results, or will you be welcomed aboard the Planet Express ship with open arms as a Futurama oracle? Only time will tell.

The Hardest Futurama Trivia Quiz You'll Ever Take

What is Bender's full name?
What is the name of Leela's Father?
Which Emperor Did Fry Accidentally Drink in the Episode 'My Three Suns'?
Which of these does Bender NOT claim to be 40% made of?
Finish this line from the episode 'The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings' - "Your music's bad....
How Man Years Did Seymour the Dog Wait for Fry Outside Panucci's Pizza?
What is Fry's Pin Number?
What's the Name of Leela's Old Martial Arts Teacher?
How Many Popplers Does Lrrr Claim Humans Have Eaten By the End of the Episode 'The Problem With Popplers?'
What's the Name of Leonardo Da Vinci's Artist Model in "The Duh-Vinci Code"
How Many Acres of Land Do the Wongs Own?
Name This Robot!
In the Episode 'The Late Phillip J. Fry,' in the Year 1 Million and a Half, What Are Human's Enslaved By?
What Embarrassing Secret of Leela's Does Fry Expose in 'Attack of the Killer App'?
What Do Fry and Leela Order Two of At Elzar's in 'Fry and Leela's Big Fling'?
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