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TSM Raven Slams Apex Legends’ “Terrible” New Class System

The Class system is not class, according to TSM's raven.

Apex Legends Season 16, despite not bringing a new Legend for the first time in the game’s history, constituted a major shake up for Respawn’s battle royale. In an effort to overhaul the meta and rebalance the entire Legend pool, five brand new Legend classes were introduced, each bringing its own unique perk. 

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While the changes were largely welcomed in the hope they’d offer viability to perpetually under-picked characters, some criticism has emerged. TSM Analyst Raven is amongst those to hit out at the changes, claiming they force players to pick one of four “terrible” characters. 

Speaking on pro player ImperialHal’s livestream, Raven said: “The class system is just f**king terrible I’m not gonna lie. So bad. Such a bad change. The thing Respawn need to understand is if people don’t have zone knowledge the game is just a RNG f**kfest.” 

“People are just walking around, no one has any idea where they’re going. And everyone’s forced to pick one of four terrible characters to get beacon info. All those characters are just bad, so. Everyone [is] just walking around aimlessly, no idea where they are, where they’re going.” 


Specifically, Raven is referring to the Controller class, in which Legends can access future rings and therefore reposition early and set up accordingly. Right now, that’s one of Caustic, Catalyst, Rampart or Wattson. None of those Legends boast a pick-rate above 2.4%, reflecting their weakness in-game. 

Whether Respawn make tweaks is another matter, but criticism at the highest level of Apex Legends is certainly difficult to ignore. 

Any changes could come with Season 17 which, barring any delays, is set to release in May 2023

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