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6 Things to Do After Beating Hogwarts Legacy (Post Game/End Game)

I'm not going home. Not really.

Hogwarts Legacy is a massive game in its own right, and the best part is, there are still a few things to do even after you’ve beaten the game and unraveled the Goblin conspiracy. The post-game content isn’t quite as in-depth or expansive as other RPGs we’ve seen in the past, but here are six things to do after beating Hogwarts Legacy.

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Complete The House Cup Quest

hogwarts legacy great hall
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After completing the lengthy campaign of Hogwarts Legacy, there’s still more to do. You’ll notice a new notification in your Quests tab, indicating a brand new quest titled Weasley’s Watchful Eye. Taking on this quest will unlock the true, final quest of the game, The House Cup.

Do note that this quest has a level requirement of 34, and if you’ve been ignoring all your side quests and challenges in favor of the main story, you may want to revisit some of those. Completing The House Cup will unlock the game’s true ending, serving as the perfect cap to your magical adventure.

Clear All Side Quests

questing in hogwarts legacy
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Speaking of side quests, Hogwarts Legacy has a crap ton of them. I mean, they’re littered all over the world. In Hogwarts, in Hogsmeade, even on the random paths you walk past on your way to the next little settlement.

All of these quests help to flesh out the world even further, while introducing you to new characters and interesting locales. They’re also a fantastic source of gear, cosmetics, and experience, just in case you’re still looking to complete your build.

Complete All Challenges

trait collection in hogwarts legacy
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If side quests aren’t your thing, or if you’re just not interested in getting to know the denizens of Hogwarts Legacy, why not try your hand at the challenges instead? The Challenges tab of your journal houses plenty of cosmetic and trait rewards to collect, and also task you with completing a variety of objectives ranging from combat to exploration.

You’ll be forced to perform some incredible feats in combat, and this could be a fun way to discover new spell combos you’d never even thought of before.

Nab All the Collectibles

hogwarts legacy floo flames
Image Source: WB Games via Twinfinite

Of course, it wouldn’t be an open-world game without a staggering amount of collectibles for you to collect. We’re talking cosmetics, Demiguise Statues, beasts, the list goes on. Can you really consider yourself a true fan if you haven’t unlocked every single Floo Flame in the game?

For reference, here’s a list of all collectibles in Hogwarts Legacy. Knock yourself out:

Revelio Pages150
Wand Handles42
Floo Flames83
Merlin Trials95
Demiguise Statues30
Cairn Dungeons13
Collection Chests155
Ancient Magic Hotspots20
Astronomy Tables14
Landing Platforms20

Complete the Secret Quests

Image Source: WB Games via Twinfinite

There are actually a few very hidden quests in Hogwarts Legacy that you’ll never find if you’re not literally scouring the castle for random items you can pick up. These won’t lead to any major rewards or big story revelations, but they are essential in helping you grab all the collectibles in the game.

To point you in the right direction, search the higher towers of the castle for the Key of Admittance mini quest, as well as the headmaster’s office. That should pique your interest to go the rest of the way.

Reach the Max Level Cap

gear screen in hogwarts legacy
Image Source: WB Games via Twinfinite

Finally, the max level cap in Hogwarts Legacy is 40. If you’ve been attempting to do every side quest and challenge in the game, you should reach the cap naturally as you play. That said, no character build in this game is complete without hitting level 40, and since you likely won’t hit it just by playing through the story, why not make this an endgame goal as well?

That does it for all the things you should do after beating Hogwarts Legacy. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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