Monster Hunter: World’s Horizon Zero Dawn Event Gets New Gear Trailer

Monster Hunter Horizon Zero Dawn

Capcom seems to be consistently adding new content to Monster Hunter: World almost monthly, and this month is no different. The second wave of Monster Hunter’s Horizon Zero Dawn crossover quests is coming soon.

The first round of content for the Horizon Zero Dawn collaboration with Monster Hunter World: Iceborne came on Nov. 21. More PS4 exclusive crossover content will be coming on Dec. 13 and Dec. 27.

The upcoming quests will allow players to craft new equipment based on Horizon Zero Dawn’s Shield-Weaver armor. These December quests will also provide materials to upgrade the Stormslinger weapon from last month’s event.

Palico companions weren’t forgotten about, as they can also wear themed gear and use themed weapons. Their equipment is fashioned to resemble Frostclaws from Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds.

If you’re tired of trying to imagine what this all looks like in Monster Hunter: World, check out the breakdown trailer below:

The third round of events for Monster Hunter’s Horizon Zero Dawn crossover will provide materials for the creation of various new pieces of equipment as well.

In late December, players will be able to craft new Felyne Watcher equipment and the Banuk a+ armor set, as well as upgrade Aloy’s bow.

While you’re waiting for the crossover event to go live, you can try to take down Stygian Zinogre thanks to the free update. If you’re still on the fence about even purchasing the Iceborne expansion, you can check out our review first.

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