Pokemon GO’s Nov. 2023 Catch Cup – All Rules & Restrictions, Explained

The final stretch of the Pokemon GO Battle League Season.

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Pokemon GO’s Nov. 2023 Catch Cup is the final Cup of the Battle League Season, giving players one last stretch to fight it out and climb the ranks. If you’re considering participating in this cup, you’ll need to know the rules and restrictions that have been put in place. We’ve got you covered with all of this information, so follow along below.

Pokemon GO Catch Cup November 2023 – Rules & Restrictions, Explained

Pokemon GO’s Nov. 2023 Catch Cup allows Pokemon who wouldn’t usually be seen in battling teams to shine due to the very specific rules that have been set. When creating a team to use in the Catch Cup, all players will need to meet the following rules and restrictions:

  • All Pokemon used must be caught within the current Season.
  •  Mythical Pokemon are ineligible for use.
  •  All Pokemon must not have CP that exceeds 1500.
  •  Pokemon received in trades can be used in your team if the original trainer caught them within the Season.

The Pokemon GO Catch Cup often results in a mix of newly caught and raised Pokemon alongside those who have caught top meta picks at the beginning of the Season. For this reason, a variety of different Pokemon are often seen in the Catch Cup, even from rank to rank. As per predictions of Pokemon.comhere are some of the picks that have been predicted to make common appearances in the Nov. 2023 Catch Cup to help plan your team composition:

  • Clodsire / Quagsire
  •  Medicham
  •  Carbink
  •  Shadow Whiscash
  •  Gligar
  •  Frillish / Jellicent
  •  Lickitung
  •  Alolan Sandslash
  •  Swampert
  •  Umbreon

That’s everything you need to know about the rules and restrictions of Pokemon GO’s Catch Cup in November 2023. For more helpful guides, check out the rest of our content here at Twinfinite. We have a variety of different topics to help you throughout your Pokemon GO journey, such as the best and strongest Pokemon of each type.

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