Pokemon GO: The Best and Strongest Pokemon of Every Type

While playing Pokemon GO trying to catch the best type the game can offer, you might begin to wonder who are the best. There is a total of 151 Pokemon you can catch, that doesn’t necessarily mean that these are the better ones. The list contains the best Pokemon of every type. That includes normal, fire, ice, electric, etc.

The list contains Pokemon such as Snorlax, Arcanine, Lapras as much more. Curious to find out which are the very best? Check out here for all the developing details as we discover more about these Pokemon. Have you been enjoying Pokemon GO? Share with which are some of the best you have caught and where you found them. Be sure to check out related articles down below.

These are just a few easy examples, but we’ve been hard at work tracking and noting down our findings. Here are a comprehensive look more Pokemon types and where to look for them. Click here to check them all out.

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Representing the strongest of the Fire-type Pokemon, Arcanine is very well known for quickness and fast speed. A wild, burning fire within, as well as strong moves and high HP, makes it one of the best in its class.

Snorlax’s day usually consists of eating and sleeping. Its powerful Earthquake special and supremely high HP in Pokemon GO are no joke, though. Snorlax, though rare in Pokemon GO, is a valuable addition to any team.

While Lapras has no evolutions, it boasts excellent attacking power, high CP cap, and plenty of HP to keep it dominating over any Gym.

It’s a close call between Jolteon and Electabuzz, and while both seek to be the strongest Electric Pokemon, Electabuzz claims the spot with its fast speed and a powerful Thunderbolt. This Pokemon can provide consistent damage, and is a great chance to take down any nearby Lapras powerhouses.

Exeggutor may not seem the most intimidating, nor are Grass types in general, but this Grass/Psychic Pokemon is solid both offensively and defensively, touting resistances to Fighting, Ground, Water, Grass, Electric, and other Psychic Pokemon in Pokemon GO. If defensive, multi-faced trees aren’t your thing, Venusaur and its Petal Blizzard is a good powerhouse alternative.

Although Dewgong might be outclassed by other defensive Water-types in Pokemon GO, its hearty defense is nothing to scoff at, and one with Aqua Tail can wipe out even the toughest of opposition.

Hitmochan has the spirit of a boxer seeking recognition and a championship. With an unbreakable spirit, and some strong punches, it’s great for wiping out common Normal types that fill the Pokemon world in Pokemon GO.

The Poison/Grass-type Victreebel uses a long vine that extends from its head to swallow enemies whole.  It’s fairly squishy in Pokemon GO compared to some HP-focused monsters, but Razor Leaf and Solar Beam put up a formidable offense.

Ryhdon can dole out good damage over time thanks to its solid HP pool. Its attacks strike slower than average in Pokemon GO, though can pack quite a punch in the end.

Dragonite, a dual Dragon and Flying type in Pokemon go, sits on top as the best of both classes. It faces very few weaknesses, has a seriously strong HP pool, and can knock out the competition with its Dragon Pulse special.

Alakazam wields impressively strong and the best Psychic attacks, the most impressive being the ability to hold spoons its entire life.

Ruling the best in the Bug class, Pinsir is a powerful offensive threat despite its inherent type weaknesses.

Aerodactyl is hard to come by in Pokemon GO, but easily dominates Gyms thanks to its resistance to some of the most common types: Normal, Flying, Bug, and Poison. It’s strong Ancient Power special attack in Pokemon GO doesn’t hurt, either.

Gengar, also known as the “Shadow Pokemon,” rules over the very limited Ghost type class that consists only of itself and its earlier evolutions, Gastly and Haunter.

The Dragon class, too, is limited to one evolution line, and Dragonite stands understandably above its Dratini and Dragonair brethren.

EVEN MORE LIMITED than Ghost and Dragon is the Steel class, filled with only Magnemite and its evolved form, Magneton. Magneton may not come off as the best Pokemon for the team, but can be a defensive clinch with its resistances to Normal and Psychic attacks.

Mr. Mime represents the best and strongest of the Fairy type. With his mastery of pantomime and disturbing nature, Mr. Mime’s attacks hit harder than those of his peers, which in Pokemon GO include only Clefairy, Clefable, Jigglypuff, and Wigglytuff.

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