Verina in Wuthering Waves
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Wuthering Waves Best Healers

Keeping you in good health.

Wuthering Waves doesn’t really shy away from being the kind of RPG that has damage dealers, tanks, and healers. As such, today, we’re exploring Wuthering Waves’ best healers currently available.

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Who Are the Best Healers in Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves is quite the high-octane action combo RPG, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, this translates to Wuthering Waves having mostly damage dealers and tanks, and only a handful of actual healers. That said, the couple we’ve picked out below are undoubtedly the best healers available:


Baizhi in Wuthering Waves
Image Source: Kuro Games

Baizhi is a four-star character and likely the best healer you’ll get sooner than the others. She’s a Glacial ice type, but don’t be fooled, almost every ability in her kit allows for some kind of healing for either herself or other members of your three-man party. For example, her heavy attack ‘Stimulus Feedback’ grants health back on every hit equal to .25% of your summon Baizhi’s max hp.

That’s not all, her Resonance Liberation ability is what makes her one of the best healers in Wuthering Waves with how it restores every party member’s HP. Additionally, even her Intro and Outro skills heal the party and the party’s HP based on her max health respectively. The majority of her abilities offering a handy heal is what truly makes her one of the best picks. Especially since she’s much easier to technically obtain with how you’re guaranteed a four-star every 10 pulls.


Verina splash art in Wuthering Waves
Image Source: Kuro Games

First off, Verina is a Spectro like the Rover, and while she is a healer at heart, some of her abilities are also supportive via buffs. Specifically speaking, the buffs come from both of her inherent skills. ‘Gift of Nature’ encompasses a variety of attacks, all of which raise your party’s atk by 20%. Meanwhile, ‘Grace of Life’ protects a party member from fatal damage and gives them a shield lasting for 10 seconds, it’s a powerful skill that has a cooldown of 10 minutes.

Verina’s Resonance Liberation also heals the team, while applying a Photosynthesis Mark, that heals the active party member once per attack on the marked enemy. Beyond that, her Outro Skill ‘Blossom’ heals the next on-coming character by a small percentage of her attack per second for six seconds. Even better, is how the outro gives all characters on a nearby team 15% all-type damage deepen for 30 seconds.

The only thing that is unappealing about Verina is the fact she’s a five-star, making her that much harder to get. Couple that with fewer of her abilities offering heals and she doesn’t quite stack up to Baizhi’s accessibility. She’s still certainly worth having though for what heals and buffs she does have.

I’d love to put more on this list, but that’s generally it for healers, the only other character that can innately heal is Taoqi. Unfortunately, Taoqi can only shield and heal herself, so she’s not as viable as Baizhi or Verina.

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