Ubisoft Confirms Beyond Good & Evil 2 Won’t Launch Until At Least April 2021

beyond good and evil 2, release date

During Ubisoft’s quarterly earnings call today, chief executive officer Yves Guillemot confirmed that Beyond Good and Evil 2’s anticipated launch is still a long way off.

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Asked about Beyond Good and Evil 2’s development during the Q&A portion of the call, Guillemot was shy about providing a clear update. What he did confirm, however, was that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is not one of the five AAA games Ubisoft plans to launch between Sept 2020 and March 2021.

Reading between the lines, that means despite having first been announced way back in 2016, you’d have to imagine Beyond Good and Evil 2 is at least 18 months away. That would make for a five year plus development cycle by the time it launches.

Another possibility is that Ubisoft may not Beyond Good and Evil 2 a AAA project, though that seems unlikely.

Notably, Beyond Good and Evil 2 wasn’t at E3 2019. The last time we heard about the game from Ubisoft was back in October of 2019 when a developer video showcased concept artwork of Jade and some impressive character models for Dakini and Mammago. 

Prior to that, a fairly meaty livestream demonstrated quite a bit of gameplay which provided new information, artwork, and footage on the upcoming game.

In related news, you can read the full financial details shared during Ubisoft’s earnings call today here.

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