Switch Celebrates yet Another Milestone as It Officially Surpasses Wii U Lifetime Sales in Japan

Leaving Wii U in the dust.

Nintendo Switch

The Switch has sold faster in 9 months than the PlayStation 2 in Japan; the Switch has become the fastest-selling console in the U.S. Not even a year out of the gate, and the Nintendo Switch has been achieving milestone after milestone and it seems that the hype train is far from reaching its destination.

According to sales numbers that come straight from Famitsu (via Nintendo Everything), the Nintendo Switch – in Japan- has outsold the lifetime sales of the Nintendo Wii U. In the five years or so that the Wii U has been out, the system managed to only sell about 3,301,555 units in Japan, while the Switch (in 9 months) has sold 3,407,158 units. This is an incredible feat from Nintendo, and really just goes to show how poorly the Wii U did in its homeland. With the lackluster performance of the Wii U, we are ecstatic and proud of Nintendo for bringing themselves back up with the success of the Switch.


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