Redfall Q&A Confirms Dynamic Difficulty Scaling & No Cosmetic Microtransactions

Bloody good details.

Redfall is the next big project from Arkane Studio, the heads behind Dishonored and Deathloop, throwing players into a mashup of Left 4 Dead and vampires in the quaint town of Redfall, Massachusetts. 

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With Redfall rapidly approaching its May 2023 launch, the developers behind the upcoming first-person shooter took the time to answer some fans’ burning questions. The Q&A session took place on the official Discord server and revealed a ton of juicy details to keep the hype rising.

For the unaware, Redfall is primarily a single-player experience, but it can also be played in co-op, which was a target of a few questions. Two of the most notable questions inquired about the difficulty scaling, as some single-player/co-op experiences find themselves unfairly balanced, and whether or not Steam players can benefit from crossplay with Game Pass players.

In response, Arkane Studios mentions that there will be a dynamic difficulty scaling system in place, adjusting the enemy difficulty as more players band together or for those who prefer a solo experience. However, these “aren’t blanket changes” meaning some portions will be naturally designed to be easier or harder. Along with that, Redfall features crossplay between Steam and Game Pass players, which is great news for crossplay hopefuls.

Some other notable questions inquired about microtransactions, a hot topic in the industry, to which the developers confirmed they will not be in Redfall, as all cosmetics are unlocked via gameplay. Speaking of unlocks, Arkane also confirmed that one playthrough won’t be enough to unlock every skill in the skill tree, so players will need to make sacrifices in their first run to achieve the build they desire.

Redfall launches May 12, 2023, for Xbox Series X|S, PC and will be a Day One Game Pass launch title.

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