Pokemon Sword and Shield Gets New Trailer Showcasing Abilities, Items & More

pokemon sword and shield trailer

Nintendo has released a brand-new trailer for the upcoming Switch RPG’s, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, that goes over several new abilities, held items, and battle strategies.

The first ability shown off is one called Nuetralizing Gas, a power that can be used by Galarian Weezing that neutralizes all of the abilities of other Pokemon on the field.

There’s also a new held item called Room Service that lowers the speed of other Pokemon during Trick Room and another called Eject Pack that automatically switches out a Pokemon if its stats are lowered.

We also see a new move being used by Flygon called Breaking Swipe that lowers the attack of all targets hit.

Another ability from Corviknight called Mirror Armor can reflect any stat-lowering effects.

You can watch the new trailer right down here to check it out for yourself:

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield launch worldwide for the Nintendo Switch on Nov. 15, 2019.

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