Pokemon GO’s Level Requirements for Pokestop Review to Decrease

pokestop review level

About one month ago, Niantic announced that they were lowering the level requirement in Pokemon GO for Pokestop review from 40 to 39. This tool is what players of Niantic — namely Pokemon GO — games can use to recommend and review new Pokestops or Portals.

Starting soon, Pokemon GO players level 38 (level 10 in Ingress) and above will be able to join the Wayfarer tool. The only catch is that players at level 38 will just get to start out as reviewers of Pokestops. They won’t actually have the full Wayfarer powers that players at level 40 have.

If you’re already at level 38, then all you need to do is also pass a tutorial quiz in order to join these elite ranks. Of course, they didn’t share any info on what is covered in the quiz as that would likely compromise the integrity of the questions.

Last but not least, Niantic announced that they will be handing out some in-game rewards for players who become Wayfarers. Any Pokemon GO players who are also Wayfarers will receive a special medal on their account.

If you have any questions about how reviews work in Wayfarer, then they also released this convenient video about the process:

To read the official release about the decrease of the Pokestop review level in Wayfarer, check it out on the Niantic Labs website.

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