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Operation 5 Updates Drop for Gears 5

Gears 5

Operation 5 Updates Drop for Gears 5

Gears 5 multiplayer is set to receive a Brumak-sized update next week with the release of Operation 5. The Coalition, developers of Gears 5, took to the official website to outline some of the massive changes coming with the latest update.

Classes are no longer bound together with a particular character, as the latest update allows for any combination to be selected. The changes don’t stop there, as players will no longer be prevented from using duplicate character and class combinations on a team.

Weapon classes will be receiving new designations and iconography as well.

Operation 5 Updates Drop for Gears 5

All classes will be receiving balance updates, 16 new skill cards, and more passive skills. A new level cap of 20 will also be added to all classes, and any progress will be grandfathered to these re-worked classes.

Operation 5 will also see a slew of new Horde updates including a new Daily Challenge. Certain maps will be chosen daily with select modifiers, or mutators, that will grant specific rewards upon completion.

Gears 5’s Escape, a three-player survival mode, is seeing some new challenge updates in form of The Daily Hive and The Featured Hive. The Daily Hive will grant rewards for beating hives on select difficulty modes, while The Featured Hive is a weekly challenge that must be completed within a time limit.

Operation 5 officially drops in Gears 5 on Tuesday, Nov. 17. Looking for more Gears 5 goodness? Check out some of the new features that have arrived on Series X and take a look at the previous update that dropped with Operation 4 over the summer.

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