MultiVersus: Black Adam and Stripe

MultiVersus Announces Black Adam and Gremlins Stripe Coming This Season

MultiVersus Announces Two New Brawlers in Black Adam and Stripe

The official MultiVersus Twitter account has just announced that it’s getting villainous, revealing two more fighters who will be coming to the game during the run of its first season: DC Comic’s Black Adam and Gremlins’ Stripe. The two new fighters are joining the ranks of Rick and Morty as brawlers who will be introduced during MultiVersus’ first official season.

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The official tweet made by the MultiVersus Twitter account can be viewed below.

The announcement comes as MultiVersus has kicked off Season 1 today, Aug. 15, with a brand new update for players to download, with immediate access to the game’s first season’s Battle Pass. This also comes with another free character rotation, with Arya, Lebron, Steven, and Batman being the ones who are included.

While the game has announced many of the specific features coming with this new season, they are being cagey in giving official release dates or launch windows for the new features. Besides the fact that Morty joins the roster on Aug. 23, no other characters or elements have been given specific dates, so keep an eye on Twinfinite as we’re sure to update you on any new developments.

With the announcement of two new characters, Black Adam and Stripe, check these links out as we give you guides on whether or not characters like Jon Snow and Jesse Pinkman are coming to the brawler.

Twinfinite is home to numerous guides on MultiVerus, including ones on what Toast does and how exactly you can get Gleamium. Even if those don’t interest you, there is bound to be something that catches your eye down below, so be sure to check it out.

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