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High on Life Teases New Content With Cryptic Video, & I’m More Than a Little Scared

Will High on Life get a sequel? Answered
Image Credit: Squanch Games

High on Life Teases New Content With Cryptic Video, & I’m More Than a Little Scared

Here is Kniffey!

The first-person shooter game High on Life is one of the more unique titles due to its absurd and over-the-top humor. Sadly, it has gotten a bit of a bad reputation because of its association with Justin Roiland, who has been charged with two felony domestic violence.

Surprisingly, Squanch Games has recently announced via Twitter that they plan to release the first expansion for High on Life. The teaser is only a short eight seconds video that shows “High on Knife” on a black background.

You can hear Knifey screaming happily about how he can’t wait to murder someone. There is also the sound of a chainsaw being activated at the end, with blood spurting from each side of the video. It is unknown whether the DLC will be free or paid, and the developer has not announced any release date yet.

It is good to see that Squanch Games does not let the issues related to Roiland stop them from making more content that fans may enjoy. It will be interesting to see where the studio will take the game without its creator’s vision guiding the way.

Still, Squanch Games may have to work extra hard to distance themselves from Roiland, and I believe it’s unavoidable that some players no longer wish to pick up the title again. However, the developer may also use this chance to prove they can make High on Life great without its creator.

High on Life is now available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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