Helldivers 2 Players Find out the Hardest Boss of All is the Tutorial

Raise your hand if you've ever been personally victimized by your own Stratagem.

Helldivers 2 tutorial
Image Source: Arrowhead Game Studios via Twinfinite

Even though tutorials are meant to be a safe space, Helldivers 2 breaks the mold by giving you several chances to die. Unfortunately, many players have met this fate despite not stepping onto the real threat of the bug-infested battlefield.

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The Reddit user foulmannered found this out when the bugs threw back their exploding Stratagem in the form of a deadly hot potato game. What makes it worse is that the player actually had enough time to run away from its impact. Sadly, the tutorial barriers kept them trapped in its prison.

Thus, the once-helpful Orbital Precision Strike Stratagem ultimately backfired on them, leading to their elimination. This player isn’t the only one who’s experienced this fate, as multiple users have admitted their Helldivers 2 tutorial troubles.

Apart from the bug explosion we see above, the leading cause of death is the turrets you encounter. From this point, Helldivers were vaguely instructed to dive at the precise moment to avoid their rapid fire. Some have even died two or four times from it, and it only gets much more challenging once it’s time to hit the battlefield.

Those who have played Helldivers before weren’t even safe since the crouch previously had a slightly invincible effect. To top it off, some players were quick enough to initiate the dive but were still killed just because they got up at the wrong time or pressed the sprint button.

Like everyone else, I, too, struggled with the Helldivers 2 tutorial. Yet, I somehow made it through unscratched, which is surprising since I probably have an embarrassing amount of gaming deaths. However, I can’t say the same for the rest of the playthrough because it is definitely brutal, to say the least.

With the number of bug hordes and titan-sized enemies, the deaths in Helldivers 2 will only grow, and hopefully, we’ll see more of these shenanigans as the player counts increase.

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