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Have I Gone Crazy, or Does Sons of the Forest Have Different Intros?

The Sons of the Forest multiverse.

After a long wait, Sons of the Forest is finally here, throwing a new wave of players into the survival-horror trenches to fight off hangry cannibals on a deserted island. Much like the previous game, The Forest, the protagonist crash lands on the said island with no idea what’s going on and must bust out every tool of the trade to survive.

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Again, much like the first title, it appears that the opening crash landing sequence is different for everyone. Players in the game’s Steam community have shared their varying introduction sequences leading to three different starting points.

**This post will contain minor spoilers regarding the opening sequence of Sons of the Forest. If you haven’t played the title yet, come back when you have. Otherwise, proceed at your own risk.**

The story of Sons of the Forest throws players into a special agent part of a task force team sent to discover the whereabouts of a few rich billionaires who have seemingly gone missing. The opening sequence sees the player en route to the deserted island while going over mission intel until they are abruptly shut down. While no one exactly knows the science, it seems to be related to how fast players progress through the mission briefing that leads to a unique spawn point.

Provided they progress too slowly through the briefing, players could end up crash landing in the ocean, crashing in the mountains, or in the actual forest. What happens afterward is the same, as a companion will join the player’s task of surviving. It’s a cool nod to the first title and is bound to be a topic of confusion for many players.

Sons of the Forest is currently available in early access for PC only via Steam. Be sure to check out our related tips and tricks below to keep up-to-date on Endnight Games’ sequel.

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