A New Haikyu!! Epilogue Chapter Is Coming in the 10th Anniversary Memorial Book; Stage Plays Returns in 2023

Find out when the newest details on the Haikyu!! play and an epilogue chapter for the 10th Anniversary Memorial book.

Haikyu!! 10th anniversary memorial book Source: Production I.G.

This week Haikyu!! fans have received several updates for the beloved anime, such as the announcement of a two-part film sequel. Alongside this news is a never-before-seen epilogue chapter that will be included in the 10th Anniversary Memorial book and the revival of the fan-favorite Haikyu!! stage play.

The book will gift fans a few collectibles, like figurines, photo cards, and official team pins, and will be available in Japan on Sept. 2. There will also be a deeper look into the series’ history and exclusive artwork to celebrate the anniversary.

You can check out a sneak peek by looking at the cover art and a page from the Memorial book, as shown here:

As for the Haikyu!! play, Kenta Suga, the previous actor for Shoyo Hinata, will now be the director of the new theater company, Gekidan Haikyu!!. Suga is happy to take on this role and continuously shows his support for the series.

Here is the official announcement from Kenta Suga, where he shares his nervousness and excitement for this upcoming project:

The initial stage of the play, Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyu!!, launched in Nov. 2015 and lasted until Spring 2021, making it one of the most successful projects based on a game/anime/manga. Now that Suga has returned to the stage as the director, the community can’t wait to see this latest play in 2023.

For more details about Haikyu!!, you can check out our feature about the 10 characters we to see more from in the next installment and how to watch the series in order.

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