Granblue Fantasy Versus RPG Mode and Versus Modes Detailed with Screenshots

Granblue Fantasy Versus

Following the announcement of the release date of Granblue Fantasy Versus, Cygames updated the English official site with new details and images.

First of all, we get the confirmation that the February 6, 2020 release date does indeed apply to the west as well.

We also get to learn more about the RPG Mode that was revealed today.

Below you can read a few juicy details.


“GBVS introduces a brand new story featuring your favorite Granblue Fantasy characters. Chaos has befallen the Sky Realm, leaving Gran with no choice but to fight against his former allies. In order for him to identify the source of the growing havoc and save his comrades, the airship Grandcypher takes flight once again into uncharted skies.”

Character Upgrading and Customizing

“Enhance your characters using a comprehensive system similar to that of Granblue Fantasy. By equipping different weapons and skills, the strategic possibilities are endless!”

  • Set out for adventure aboard the airship Grandcypher and journey through the skies!
  • Granblue Fantasy’s classic weapon system has been newly adapted for GBVS. Upgrade your elemental grids to challenge formidable adversaries!
  • Select up to two unique skills from a wide array of options, ranging from healing to debuffing, and use them to turn the tides of battle.
  • The weapon skin feature allows you to apply the appearance of certain weapons to others, even in Versus mode!

Quest Battles

“Battle against monsters and primal beasts during the quests you tackle on your journey! Quest battles can be played with a partner, either locally or online. Alternatively, fight alongside a CPU ally to experience the fun of joint battles!”

  • Slash through waves of monsters! You can even enlist the help of the characters you’ve upgraded in RPG Mode.
  • Fight against colossal primal beasts in special boss battles, and experience a whole new level of difficulty and excitement!

Library and Gallery

“Visit the Journal to learn about the world of Granblue Fantasy, or enjoy a wealth of exciting content, including stories, art, and music!”

  • Includes features such as illustrated character profiles and location information.
  • Browse an abundance of in-game art, illustrations, and music, or revisit stories you’ve cleared in RPG mode at any time.

We also learn more about the Versus modes.

Versus Mode

“The primary game mode. Battle against the CPU or another player!”

Arcade Mode

“Fight your way toward the finish line, defeating the opponents that stand in your way! The difficulty can be adjusted as desired.”

Free Training

“Offers a wide range of settings and functions to meet your individual needs. Practice to your heart’s content!”

Mission Training

“Polish your skill with missions covering everything from mastering basic controls to countering specific characters!”

Online Matches

“Create a room and battle other players online. You can also queue up for ranked matches!”

Online Lobby 

“Join an online lobby that can hold up to 64 players! You can play matches and chat with other skyfarers!”

You can check out all the images below.

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