Dance Along With Pikachu and Other Pokemon in This Catchy Music Video by Yaffle

pokemon music video

To celebrate Pokemon’s anniversary, a new music video was released for the song “Reconnect” by Yaffle featuring Daichi Yamamoto and AAAMYYY. The song was released last year on the Pokemon 25 album, and this new music video feels like a blast to the past.

The video takes place in a Japanese convenience store and features popular things from the time Pokemon first released in 1996. The dancers hold up Game Boys to gain entry into the store, which sells a wide variety of nostalgic Japanese candies.

Throughout the video, we see Pikachu dancing to the music along with other Pokemon friends, such as Charmander, Clefairy, Squirtle, Cubone, and even Snorlax.

If you listen carefully, you’ll be able to hear many sound effects from the original Pokemon game. The lyrics to the song “Reconnect” also have plenty of references to Pokemon, such as catching them all, traveling across regions, rare candies, HP, and more.

It’s a pretty catchy and uplifting song, and the music video is well-made with adorable Pokemon CGI. You have to watch it for yourself to see what we mean, and we dare you to not dance along as it plays.

You can watch the entirety of Yaffle’s “Reconnect” music video below.

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