Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Ground War Mode Will Support Over 100 Players

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will have a multiplayer mode that supports over 1oo players called Ground War.

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Earlier this week, we went hands-on with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s multiplayer and had a blast — you can read about our impressions of it here — but at no point did we ever play a mode even coming close to 100 players. In fact, the most players we saw in a mode during a match was 36.

That was a round of Domination with 18 players on each side.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Ground War Will Support Over 100 Players

During our time with the game, which lasted over four hours, we saw a lot and played even more. We played Domination, Headquarters, Team Deathmatch, Cyber Attack and Gunfight but we never played a mode called Ground War.

Despite that, though, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will have a multiplayer mode called Ground War and while we don’t know much about it, we do know that it’s a mode that it’s an “epic large-scale mode supporting more than 100 players,” according to Activision.

It could be a battle royale or it could be a mode similar to Call of Duty: WWII’s War, or it could be something else entirely.

We do know, however, that Ground War will sit alongside at least two other known multiplayer modes new to the series: Gunfight and Cyber Attack.

In Gunfight, it’s you and your teammate versus an opposition team of two. Each mode, a random loadout is assigned to all players and it’s up to you to either defeat both enemies. If you fail to do so within the time limit, a neutral flag will spawn and whoever captures it wins the round.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Ground War Will Support Over 100 Players

In Cyber Attack, it’s 6v6 where your goal is to either defuse or detonate a single bomb. Of course, if you don’t feel like following that objective, you and your team can eliminate all enemy players to win the round as well.

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