This Dystopian Blumhouse Horror Series May Finally be Coming to an End

Blumhouse Productions Is Officially Expanding Into Horror Video Games

They've terrorized moviegoers; now it's gamers' turn

Blumhouse Productions, the company behind numerous modern horror movies, including Paranormal Activity, The Purge, and M3gan, has decided to enter the video game industry, launching a new studio, Blumhouse Games.

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It has been announced that the new video game studio will be headed by Zach Wood, who has been involved in the industry for two and a half decades. Whether or not the creator of Blumhouse Productions, Jason Blum, will be involved in any of the game projects themselves remains to be seen, though.

It’s worth noting that Blumhouse Games does not seem to be developing any games themselves, with the projects being outsourced to other indie companies. This means that the games produced by Blumhouse will likely be lower-budget titles, so it’s safe to say that fans shouldn’t expect major AAA adaptations of their favorite horror movies, at least not for the time being.

Making low-budget video games is definitely right in line with the film studio’s approach, as the production company’s movies tend to not cost a lot of money, which is part of why Blumhouse Productions is as successful as they are. Still, the studio is expected to develop for all major consoles and PC, along with mobile games, meaning that there are a ton of options for ways that these recent horror movies will get adapted into the video game medium.

Unfortunately, it has not been revealed what franchises Blumhouse is looking to adapt into the video game space first; however, there are a plethora of iconic brands that they can tap into. Also, seeing as how Blumhouse Productions recently merged with James Wan’s Atomic Monster, it is quite possible that adaptations of their movies, which include The Conjuring and Malignant, will be developed as well. Watch this space.

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