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Bethesda Releases Video of Inon Zur Playing The Starfield Theme

Does this theme get you excited for the release of Starfield?

Bethesda has released a nearly two minute-long video of Inon Zur playing the Starfield Theme. For those unfamiliar with Inon Zur, he’s an industry veteran responsible for composing music for over 10 films, 15 television shows, and 50 video games.

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Notable games that he’s worked on include Fallout 3, Dragon Age: Origins, and countless more. Check out the video below to hear Inon’s rendition of the theme along with a preview of a few planets you can explore in Starfield next year.

Video Source: Bethesda Softworks

Starfield is the next major release from Bethesda Softworks, and fans continue to clamor for more information. Teased in 2018, Starfield is an ambitious sci-fi epic that promises to let players explore countless planets. The story centers around you, a member of an organization known as the Constellation.

Details surrounding the plot are scarce, but Bethesda stated that you navigate the aftermath of a deadly civil war between two large factions; the United Colonies and Freestar Collective.

Similar to their other RPGs, Starfield will allow player customization and expression through dialogue trees and countless other gameplay systems. Players can pilot and customize their ships and even play the game in both first and third person. Crafting and survival elements are also at the core of the Starfield experience, and Bethesda is billing this game as one for hardcore RPG fans.

Currently, there are no plans for multiplayer, and the game releases for PC and the Xbox ecosystem of consoles. For now, Microsoft does not have plans to bring the title to Playstation consoles. For more information on Starfield, keep your eyes peeled to Twininfite.

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