The Behind the Sims Summit made some big announcements.
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Behind the Sims Summit Teases a New Expansion, Infant Updates, & Project Rene

We got lots of exciting updates, and a killer cliffhanger.

The first Behind the Sims Summit of 2023 has officially aired, and it was jam-packed with a lot of information, so we don’t blame you if something flew over your head during the 23-minute live stream. As such, we’ve put together a breakdown of everything that happened in the event, including what fans can expect from the current and future games in the series.

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Here’s everything we know about what’s coming up in the world of The Sims.

Project Rene Is Still Years Out

Project Rene playtesters got to try out the Apartment Customization feature on PC and mobile.
Image Source: EA

The team at EA is currently analyzing results from recent Project Rene playtests of the Apartment Customization feature (similar to Sims 4 Build Mode) on PC and mobile. Developers are working hard to create a seamless experience for Simmers who want to play at home and on the go. Players can create a Sim, design furniture, and more on mobile, then drop that into their game world and play it on PC.

Project Rene game director Grant Rodiek says they’re also building in multiplayer functionality that players can turn on and off. Project Rene is not an MMO – it’s a game where players can explore stories, inviting their friends to join them when they want to add a social element.

The official release of Project Rene is still years out, Grant says, but Simmers will get regular updates at upcoming BTS Summits, and more playtests are coming very soon.

Sims Mobile Turns Five Years Old

Sims Mobile is giving players a free Disco Plumbob to celebrate 23 years of The Sims.
Image Source: EA

There are two big celebrations happening in The Sims Mobile: The Sims franchise is turning 23 this year, and The Sims Mobile is releasing a free disco plum bob gift. Alongside this, players can enjoy a special treasure hunt event to celebrate the Sims Mobile Five-Year Anniversary.

Lastly, a new in-game festival adds Korean-inspired furniture and architecture for players to design. All of these changes will surely please mobile simmers, who tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to content when compared to console and PC players.

A New Neighborhood in Sims Freeplay

Sims Springs is getting a brand new neighborhood with all new fixer-upper lots and an amusement park reward.
Image Source: EA

Sims Freeplay is getting a huge music overhaul, adding fan favorites from other Sims games. Now, you can enjoy some great new music, including:

  • Sims 1 Neighborhood
  • Sims 2 Theme
  • Sims 3 Theme
  • “It’s the Sims” from Sims 4
  • A special bonus track from Sims Mobile

In April, Sims Freeplay players will get a new neighborhood in Sims Springs – Neighborhood 3 – complete with new fixer-upper lots ready for renovation. Win an amusement park for your neighborhood by completing challenges and updates.

Infants Life Stage Update Release Date

An all new life stage is coming to The Sims 4 on Mar. 14.
Image Source: EA

After lots of speculation, we finally know more about the Infants life stage coming March 14, 2022. Developers are hard at work giving Simmers tons of new ways to play with babies. There’s tons of new CAS content coming – adorable clothing, shoes, hairstyles, accessories, and even birthmarks – plus all new infant objects.

Sims will be able to move about while holding, feeding, and playing with infants, even handing them off to other Sims. We’re also finally going to have new ways to socialize with the youngest members of the Sim family, with exciting interactions between babies and kids, teens, and even pets.

Expansion Pack Announcement Coming Feb. 2

Simmers can learn more about the highly anticipated Expansion Pack on Feb. 2.
Image Source: EA

The last BTS Summit teased the next Sims 4 Expansion, but unfortunately, Simmers will have to wait a little bit longer for more information. Stay tuned for an Expansion Pack Announcement on Feb. 2 for more on the Michaelson Family. The teaser image an infant in a Sim’s arms, so we can only assume that the EP will come sometime after the free update on Mar. 14.

What did you think of the first 2023 Behind the Sims Summit? Are you stoked for Infants or enraged at the EP cliffhanger? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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