Battlefield 2042 Battle Pass Trailer Teases What Players Can Earn in the Upcoming Season 3
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Battlefield 2042 Battle Pass Trailer Teases Upcoming Season 3 Rewards

The Battlefield 2042 Season 3: Escalation battle pass has some awesome weaponry to unlock.

Ahead of tomorrow’s release of Battlefield 2042 Season 3: Escalation, a new trailer has dropped all about the battle pass that players will get to work through. Once again, this new battle pass will feature 100 tiers of items, including weapon skins, a new special, and new vehicles.

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Though, the video description makes sure to point out that “all gameplay-affecting items in Battlefield 2042 are free and earnable for all players.” The fight in Battlefield 2042 continues to be global as the new season introduces the “northern Swedish wilderness.”

Regardless of your playstyle, it truly looks like there is something for everyone to enjoy unlocking as the season moves forward.

The new specialist, Zain, comes with a unique gadget which is a “semi-automatic airburst rifle” called the XM370A. It operates similarly to a grenade launcher while not firing actual grenades, which is definitely futuristic. His special trait will allow for faster health regeneration after scoring a kill.

Another big gameplay inclusion is the EMKV90-TOR tank, which boasts a destructively strong railgun cannon. Players will unlock this at tier 22, so it will most certainly be a race to be the first player to drive it into battle. Seeing two of these tanks fight will be a treat to see the in the middle of a game.

If you’re more of a close-range gunner, the NVK-S22 shotgun looks to be perfect for those skill sets, as it has a crazy high fire rate. This new weapon can be unlocked by anyone reaching tier 34.

As said, Battlefield 2042 Season 3: Escalation releases tomorrow, Nov. 22. Hopefully you’re far enough along that you can clean up the Season 2 battle pass with the time remaining.

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