Azur Lane Reveals New Event With Plenty of New Shipgirls & Skins; Shinano is Ultra Rare

Today Yostar is hosting the livestream celebrating the third anniversary of Azur Lane in Japan, and they revealed a new major event.

Azur Lane Shinano

Today Yostar is hosting the livestream celebrating the third anniversary of Azur Lane in Japan, and they revealed a new major event.

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The event will be titled Dreamwaker’s Butterfly and will come at the same time (from September 17 to October 1) on the English servers as well.

It’ll come with plenty of new shipgirls including ultra rare carrier Shinano, super rare battleship Kii, super rare destroyer Susutzuki, elite cruiser Kumano, elite ammo transport Kashino, elite carrier Chiyoda, and elite carrier Chitose. On top of them we’re also getting an ultra rare Bulin MKIII.

Shinano’s appearance will be 1.2% but you can also get her by building 200 ships. She can grow up to level 120 without any limit break, but the Bulin MKIII can help grow her as well.

The Bulin MKIII can be obtaining by clearing a special mission but she will also be in the core data shop, while one a month can be acquired via points.

Kii and Kumano will be available via the event’s points.

Kashino can carry supplies for the rest of your fleet and will be a front-line ship. She can be equipped with an item that will buff the rest of your ships.

On top of the new shipgirls we also take a look at plenty new swimsuit skins available between September 17 and October 11 and new party skins coming between September 24 and October 11.

Last, but not least, Akashi is getting her Oath skin. You can see everything in the gallery below.

If you’re unfamiliar with Azur Lane, it’s is a free-to-play mobile horizontal scrolling shooter/RPG hybrid currently available for iOS and Android.

If you’re not into mobile games, Idea Factory International recently launched Azur Lane: Crosswave for PS4 and PC, with a Nintendo Switch version coming down the line. The western version will soon finally get the DLC shipgirls.

If you’re curious about the franchise’s popularity in Japan, you can check out my report about the recent anniversary event that pretty much literally invaded Akihabara.

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