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A Minecraft Player Has Provided a Solid Case for the Copper Golem’s Return

Bring them back!

With each passing Mob Vote event, fans have continuously wondered about the lost creatures who didn’t make the cut, especially after the neck-and-neck race of the latest 2023 celebration. Although the armadillo took the top spot this year, Minecraft player Bogiihboi has suggested adding another beloved character based on the design of the new Trial Chambers. This creature is none other than the Copper Golem, who previously lost back in the Mob Vote 2021 event.

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If you take a look at the layout of these chambers, you’ll notice just how much Copper lies within this vicinity, so wouldn’t it make sense to have a golem of the same type? Considering that the character can be made with this material similar to the Iron Golem, it seems plausible for it to be located there. Bogiihboi also proposes that the lost mob could be a statue that could be unoxidized to keep it as a companion.

Many Minecraft fans in the comments have agreed with bogiihboi’s take on the lost mob and have even created some lore of their own. One user, Jerrythecactus, pointed out how the chambers and golems could establish a storyline with an ancient civilization where an unknown group built these creatures using these resources.

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Others believe it doesn’t have to just be about the Copper Golems, as many anticipate seeing the return of the rest of the Mob Vote losers. Some have indicated that they would rather have all of them come back without the use of a voting poll since these characters have been on the community’s wishlist for years. This uproar has led to the rise of the ‘StoptheMobVote’ hashtag across several social media sites, with many players wanting to put an end to these events.

Although there are plenty of lost mobs who haven’t returned, there’s still a ray of hope of them coming back, as hinted by the Minecraft news host Vu Bui in the Live event. In particular, he reminded viewers that the frog eventually arrived to the game despite losing prior, so others could be included.

On the other hand, fans have indicated that these mobs have rarely been brought back, and the list of losers has grown substantially with no word on when they will appear again. Instead, players have created a petition that permits three mobs each year without neglecting the others, from the Copper Golem to the Vulture.

Now that the community has been heavily chiming in on this aspect, we may finally recover all those lost creatures throughout the years. Or, Mojang Studios could at least shoot for the Copper Golem launch, given that the Trial Chambers are the main focus of Minecraft Update 1.21. Whatever the case, we could see a change to the Mob Vote system as we know it to continue the series’ long-reigning success.

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