Minecraft: How to Heal Iron Golem's Health

Minecraft: How to Heal Iron Golem’s Health

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There are many ways to guarantee your survival in the harsh biomes of Minecraft. There’s no better way to survive than with a trusy companion by your side in the form of one of the strongest creatures in the game: the Iron Golem. While it takes a lot to create one of these, it’s well worth the investment. Once it’s built, can you heal it or repair it? Here’s how to heal an Iron Golem’s health in Minecraft.

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Here’s How to Heal Iron Golem’s Health in Minecraft

If you’ve ever been quietly enjoying the peace and tranquility of your recently-built village only to be bombarded with spiders and creepers at night, then what you need guarding your village is an Iron Golem. Before diving into how to heal one of these mobs, let’s talk about what they are.

What an Iron Golem Is

An Iron Golem is one of Minecraft’s many utility mobs and they are in the game to defend players who make them and villagers. They are very large mobs made of stone and are incredibly strong.

For the most part, they’re peaceful, meaning if you ignore them, they’ll ignore you. However, if you attack them, they will fight back. They won’t fight back, though, if it’s one you’ve created. Let’s talk about how to create one.

How to Create an Iron Golem

To create one of these, you need to place four iron blocks in a t-shape with a carved pumpkin, jack-o-lantern or pumpkin one top of the upper center block. The pumpkin must be placed last.

After doing that, it will spawn.

Now that you’ve got one, let’s go over how to heal it after it takes damage.

How to Heal an Iron Golem’s Health

To heal one’s health, you’re going to need splash potions. These are healing potions that can be thrown at something or someone to heal it.

Whereas in the game, you can simply use a potion on yourself, with Iron Golems, because they’re completely reliant upon you, you must throw a potion at them to heal them.

To create a splash potion, brew a normal potion with gunpowder.

Unfortunately, splash potions are the only way to heal Iron Golems as they do not regenerate health in any way or heal themselves at all.

That’s it for our guide on how to heal Iron Golem’s health in Minecraft.

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