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Zenless Zone Zero Almighty Safety Helmet Mission Walkthrough

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Zenless Zone Zero has a host of different sidequests to complete, each of them offering a variety of different rewards. One of these quests tasks you with tracking down a safety helmet – here’s how to complete the Almighty Safety Helmet mission in Zenless Zone Zero.

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Almighty Safety Helmet Walkthrough

To start the mission, speak to Ironhead in the construction zone. Despite not wearing a helmet himself, he’ll question why you’re running around the site without adequate protection.

Ironhead will tell you to speak to the Three Gates supply manager to see if they’ll lend you a helmet for the time being. He doesn’t know exactly who you should ask when you get there, but he’ll say that the supply manager should be one of the people in a yellow hard hat.

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The good news is that there are plenty of people in yellow hard hats dotted around the area, and you won’t need to head elsewhere to complete the quest. You’ll find one, Dona, to Ironhead’s left. She’s an excitable newcomer, but sadly not who you’re looking for.

Near her, you’ll find a Lazy Construction Worker leaning against some boxes. Listen to his complaints and you’ll get to ask about a helmet. Sadly he doesn’t have one for you.

Head behind the Lazy Construction Worker and you’ll see a pit next to a cement mixer. In the pit is a Cautious Construction Worker. He does have helmets… but won’t give them to you since you haven’t filled out the necessary paperwork.

Finally, return to Ironhead. Tell him that you weren’t able to get a helmet and the quest will end, granting you a variety of rewards:

  • 150 Inter-Knot Credit
  • 10 Polychrome
  • 2 Senior Investigator Log
  • 1 W-Engine Energy Module

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