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Why Is Eren Killing Everyone in Attack on Titan? Explained

attack on titan
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Why Is Eren Killing Everyone in Attack on Titan? Explained

What could justify his action?

Eren Yeager was initially a rather bland protagonist compared to other characters in the series. However, the last season has turned everything upside down, with the protagonist showing his true colors and the danger he embodies. If you’re wondering why Eren wants to kill everyone in Attack on Titan, this article can give you an explanation.

***Warning: This article contains spoilers for the ending of Attack on Titan***

Why Eren Wants to Destroy the World in Attack on Titan

Eren is prepared to massacre most of humanity because he wants to ensure the survival of the Eldians. If you’re following the latest episode in the anime, you should already know that the world hates the Subjects of Ymir, believing them to be the source of evil. They fear the Eldians’ power to turn into titans and want them to be eradicated completely.

Many Eldians who grow up outside Paradis Island are even brainwashed into loathing their own kind, with Zeke being a prime example. Eren knows there is no peaceful way to avoid the upcoming war and is convinced the only path to survival is to make sure that the world cannot be given a chance to attack the Subjects of Ymir.

At the same time, Eren also believes he cannot cause further hatred to grow among those who survive the massacre. That is why the protagonist orchestrates a plan where Armin, Mikasa, and the rest of his friends become the saviors of the world and paints himself as the devil that must be stopped. Basically, Eren pulls a similar move to Lelouch’s from Code Geass.

Attack on Titan Armin and Eren in Final Chapter.
Image Credit: Hajime Isayama and Kodansha

During the manga’s final chapter, Eren elaborates his scheme to Armin and other group members in the Paths. He locks their memories temporarily so they won’t hesitate to cut him down during the final fight but makes them return after the dust has settled.

It is clear that Eren was conflicted about his actions and had shown great remorse for the horrible transgressions he would cause. Unfortunately, those feelings do not stop him from performing his plan since his love for his friends is more important than the lives of those beyond the sea.

Hopefully, that answers your question about why Eren wants to kill everyone in Attack on Titan. We also have more articles about the series, so be sure to check them out before leaving.

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