Who Killed Rick Sanchez’s First Family in Rick and Morty

A guide that explains who and how Rick Sanchez's family was kiled in Rick and Morty.

Rick Sanchez is a complicated, jaded genius with a pension for destruction—inward and outward—and carelessness through complicated inventions that are borderline magical. Rick and Morty has always been rather tight-lipped about Sanchez’s past. It’s no secret though that Rick isn’t living with his first family. So, who killed Rick Sanchez’s first family in Rick and Morty?

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Who Killed Rick Sanchez’s First Family in Rick and Morty

Rick Sanchez’s first family was killed by Rick Prime in Rick and Morty. Rick Prime sends a bomb which was likely intended to kill Rick C-137, only to kill Rick’s family. Whether it was out of spite or jealousy isn’t fully understood.

It’s also unclear if that was Rick Prime’s end goal, to kill any Ricks that refuse his offer. Only moments before Rick’s first family dies, Rick Prime offered portal technology and the cost it would have, one that Rick Prime seemed all too comfortable paying the price for.

See, Rick Prime has no attachments to his own family; he abandoned them 20 years ago. That kind of attachment is unbecoming of Ricks, to be tied to one place—or so Rick Prime likes to think. It’s due to Rick Prime’s narcissistic, sociopathic behavior that ultimately puts Rick C-137 on a path of vengeance and jumpstarts the show.

Now you know who killed Rick Sanchez’s first family in Rick and Morty. What’s interesting to note is that Rick C-137 came from a universe in which Morty and Summer never existed or rather never had a chance to exist. For more Rick and Morty, see if you agree on Twinfinite’s ranking of every Rick and Morty season. Don’t forget Rick and Morty are also slated to release as playable characters in Multiversus.

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