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Who Is Midoriya’s Dad in My Hero Academia? Answered

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Who Is Midoriya’s Dad in My Hero Academia? Answered

Here’s everything you need to know about Deku’s dad in My Hero Academia.

Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku is the series protagonist of My Hero Academia and hero-in-training, using One For All as All Might’s successor. Though Deku is the main character and we know plenty about his mother, not many details are known of his father, leaving a mystery as to who he is and where he might be. There have been plenty of wild fan theories about Deku’s father being some sort of hidden major character or big reveal, as well as speculation that he’s not important and simple doesn’t matter to the story. If you’re wondering about the mystery of Deku’s father, then look no further; we’ve covered all of the information available. Follow along below for everything you need to know about Who Midoriya’s dad is in My Hero Academia.

Midoriya’s Dad in My Hero Academia Explained

Not much is known about Deku’s father in My Hero Academia, but he does have a name. This name is Hasashi Midoriya, the man that, at some unknown point in his life, married Inko Midoriya, who gave birth to their son, Izuku. Hasashi is said to have taken work abroad, but his current whereabouts and occupation are unknown.

Despite Hasashi’s relocation to another country, Inko has continued to refer to him as her husband, indicating they are still together. However, it’s strange that we haven’t seen Deku interacting with his father, even through text messaging or phone calls, so who knows what the deal truly is?

Izuko and his mother in My Hero Academia
Image Source: Studio Bones

Hasashi’s Quirk is also interesting, only being listed as an unknown fire-breathing Quirk, giving him the ability to breathe fire. It has been teased that Hisashi will be fully revealed within the story at some point before its conclusion, so maybe we’ll even get to see this Quirk in action and learn all about the man that is Deku’s father. On the other hand, if the fan theories are correct, this reveal could devastate Deku and create one of the biggest clashes in the entirety of My Hero Academia. Why? Well, most of these fan theories believe that Deku’s father is secretly the big bad himself, All For One. Until the reveal, we’ll have to wait and see how the rest of the My Hero Academia story unravels.

That’s everything you need to know about who Midoriya’s dad is in My Hero Academia. For more My Hero Academia guides, lists, news and quizzes, check out the rest of our content here at Twinfinite. We have a wide range of topic to keep you up-to-date and entertained, such as our My Hero Academia trivia quiz, My Hero Academia personality quiz, and all answers regarding if My Hero Academia is getting a live-action film.

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