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Where to Find Buried Treasure Maps in Fortnite OG

What will you dig up today?

As season 7 of Fortnite OG drops we have some more exciting features and items to get into including the Buried Treasure Map! This legendary item can be found only during this latest season update but where is it and how do we use it? Let’s find out where to find the Buried Treasure Map in Fortnite OG.

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How to Get and Use the Buried Treasure Map in Fortnite

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Fortnite OG Season 7/8 brings back the old pirate-themed areas, buildings, and a few of the items too. There is even talk the secret battle stars may make a return this season! The pirate cannons are back so you can fling yourself or your teammates across the island in explosive style! The Flint Knock Pistol and the Buried Treasure Maps have also made a comeback and there is no doubt you will be seeking these out first.

This legendary season 8 items can be found as floor loot and in chests in spots around the island. They are pretty rare, but you should be able to find one if you search around one of the pirate areas first. Watch out for opponents holding a map as they run. They can be an easy target as they are distracted and you can steal their map once they are downed.

fortite OG buried treasure map
Image Source: Epic Games via Twinfinite

To find the hidden loot you need to be holding the map as you travel. When it is in your hands a golden marker will show in the distance. Red indicators along the ground will show you the path to the treasure. As you get closer you will see a large black X which marks to spot.

Approach this giant X and start digging with your pickaxe! Soon the treasure will be unearthed and you can open the chest to reveal its contents. Generally the chests will contain regular loot with a small increase in chance of getting a higher rarity item. You can only carry one Buried Treasure Map in a stack but if you are lucky enough to find more you can carry them all in your inventory.

That’s all you need to know about finding a Buried Treasure Map in Fortnite OG season 7 and 8. For more hints including how to thank the Bus Driver, check out the guides below.

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