When Did the Pitt/ Pearl Valorant Map Come Out? Answered

Here's everything we know about when the new Valorant map, Pitt, release date is.

when valorant new map pitt release date is

Valorant has enjoyed consistent post-launch support since its launch in June of 2020. Developer/publisher Riot Games has balanced the game with regular patches and delivered new content following larger seasonal updates. As the end of Episode 4 draws ever closer and the start of a whole new one looms, there’s a new map on the horizon. Here’s everything you need to know when the Pearl Valorant Map came out.

All Pearl Lore Info

Pitt was the datamined codename for Valorant’s seventh map. It was first leaked by dataminers such as ValorLeaks early last week following the release of Patch 4.11.

Riot Games has officially revealed the new map coming for Valorant Episode 5. It is called Pearl, and you can see its first trailer here or by scrolling down.

When Did Pearl Release for Valorant? Answered

As alluded to at the start of this article, the launch of Valorant’s new map launched with the release of Episode 5. Ever since Valorant came out in 2020 the game has been divided into different Episodes, each of which featuring three Acts. Typically, a major new piece of content such as a map or Agent would release alongside the start of one of these Episodes (though new Agents have been launched mid-season also).

Given that Valorant has recently seen the addition of a new Agent in the form of Fade, and since the game’s last new map was Fracture way back in September of 2021, we’re almost certain that another is destined to arrive for the launch of Episode 5.

Where Is Valorant’s Next Map Located?

Pearl was officially revealed by Riot Games with the following trailer:

Pearl is set in Portugal, and actually in the world of Omega as opposed to our own world. If you recall, Valorant’s backstory involves two worlds from alternate dimensions facing off against each other: the world of Alpha (our world) and Omega, the enemy world with advanced technology. This explains why there are multiple versions of each Agent in a given game of Valorant. Pearl is the first map set in Omega, a world with more advanced technology than Alpha.

What Does Pearl Look Like?

Several of Valorant’s maps have some sort of gimmick, whether it be the teleporters on Bind or the ziplines of Fracture. Pearl doesn’t, but it is set underwater! You can read Twinfinite’s full strategy overview here.

That’s everything to know about when the Pearl Valorant Map came out. Stay tuned throughout this week and next as we expect to hear more about the game’s exciting new chapter.

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